Nail Tip U-Tip Remy Human Hair Extensions 100 Strands fine soft style easy design Fitting



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  Nail Tip  U-Tip hair extensions?

Nail tip hair extensions are strands of hair in which the tips are bonded together with Keratin glue.The tips of the hair strands resemble the letter “U” or a long finger -nail. As a result, the  “U” shape created the name  Nail Tip or U-Tip hair extensions.

spec Nail tip hair extensions

NB: depending on the device you are looking at this color chart from, there could be minor differences.

color chart.3

 Length ?  See reference length chart below now.

SIZE ...Measurement hair

Length indication

Can I apply the Nail Tip by myself?

Because of the heating and bonding process involved, you may not be capable of doing it yourself. It’s convenient to seek the service of a professional to attach Nail Tip/ U TIP Hair Extension in your hair.

Are Nail Tip  Hair Extensions comfortable to wear?   Yes

When well done, Human hair Nail Tip Extensions are extremely comfortable. As with your own hair, you can color and style as you want without the worry.

Will they damage my hair?

Using quality Nail Tip /U Tip Hair Extensions from a reputable brand like Venus-Soirée or Soirée-Passion, professionally attached and respecting the removable time frame with proper care,  the Nail Tip Hair Extensions will not damage your hair.

Why choose  Nail Tip Hair Extensions?  

Famous people and celebrities around the world sometimes do things out of proportion, but for the use of hair extensions like Nail Tip/ U Tip Hair Extensions they are doing the right thing. These beauty accessories protect your own natural hair and make you look fabulous, attractive, magnificent and confident in your moves.

Moreover, the extensions can last more than three Months with good care and can be re-used.

How to attach Nail Tip / U Tip Hair Extensions?

 Nail Tip -U-Tip How to....

How are Nail Tip U Tip Hair Extensions removed?

They will have to be removed using alcohol or acetone-based solution with the assistance of a professional.

When in or out of my head how to take care of Nail Tip /U Tip Hair Extensions?





#1 Jet Black, #1B Natural Black, #2 Dark Brown, #4 Medium Brown, #8 Ash Brown, #12 Golden Brown, #16 Golden Blonde, #24 Ash Blonde, #27 Strawberry Blonde, #30 Medium Auburn, #33 Dark Auburn, #60 White Blonde, #613 Bleach Blonde, #4/27 Brown/Blonde, #8/613 Brown/Blonde, #18/613 Blonde Highlight, #27/613 Blonde Highlight, BUG Burgundy, 99J


16", 18", 20", 22", 24"


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