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  • Stylish Asymmetrical Bob Wig
  • Great fashion look in minutes
  • Protective hairstyle
  • The asymmetrical bob wig lets you experiment with your style
  • Natural Black
  • Synthetic fiber
  • 10″ (30cm) length
  • Side part
  • Adjustable wig cap
  • 150% density
  • Can be washed
  • Cannot be dyed or permed or colored


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Asymmetrical Bob Wig

Short asymmetrical bob wig.  Change your look in minutes!  Do you want to look chic and fashionable? This modern look can be edgy and fashion forward but feminine at the same time.  Assymetrical bob wig is a perfect wig for black women, colored and white alike.

Simply clip your hair up, slip on a wig cap (optional) and pull on the asymmetrical bob wig.  The elasticized wig fits most heads (53-56cms) and has an inner adjustable strap to ensure a good fit.

How to wear the Asymmetrical Bob Wig?

The asymmetrical bob wig has an elasticized cap that makes wearing it a breeze.  The cap is adjustable, with a strap that fastens near the nape of your neck for a secure fit.  The bob wig also has combs attached to the inside of the cap that slide into your own hair that keep the wig in place.

Does the Asymmetrical Bob Wig come in different sizes?

Yes!  The red ombre bob wig can come in different sizes.  The way your ombre bob wig fits is very important.  You need to feel comfortable no matter if you wear your bob ombre wig for an hour or a day!

How do I know my red ombre bob wig cap size?

To determine your wig cap size, you will need a tape measure.  Take the tape measure and press one end to the centre of your front hairline.  Take the length around your head, behind your ear to the nape of your neck, then up behind the other ear and around to your front hairline to meet the other end.  That measurement is your head circumference.  This number represents your cap size.  See chart below for more details.

The average woman head has a circumference of 22.5 inches but heads can be smaller or larger than that. Be sure to measure your head before ordering to ensure a good fit.  Our bob wigs come standard with a medium cap, other sizes can be custom made for an additional fee.

Can the Asymmetrical Bob Wig be styled, curled or straightened?

No!  The bob wig is made from a synthetic fibre.  The wig comes restyled for a quick and easy hairstyle.  Heat will cause the fibre to melt, and ruin the bob wig.

How to Care for my Asymmetrical Bob Wig?

It is very important to keep a brush or comb in your bag to run through your  bob wig regularly to keep it tangle free.  Starting at the ends, gently take your comb or brush and pull through the hair, loosening any tangles that may have formed. Work your way up the lengths of the hair until you reach the roots and can do tangle free strokes from root to tip, ensuring you are always going in a downwards motion.  This keeps the asymmetrical bob wig tangle free and loosens any dirt.

It is important to note that the asymmetrical bob wig is not real hair but it is synthetic fibre.  Therefore, it needs to be treated a little differently to your own hair.

After a few wears, you will want wash your asymmetrical bob wig.  Washing your bob wig is as easy as washing your own hair.  Just follow the steps below:

Washing your Asymmetrical Bob Wig

  1. Gently brush or comb your bob wig so that is tangle free.
  2. Fill your sink or basin with cool water and add some detergent.  (you do not need to use shampoo as it is not human hair).
  3. Turn your wig inside out.
  4. Gently rub a small amount of detergent into cap on soiled (sweat, grime) areas.
  5. Submerge wig into soapy water and gently swish the wig around, trying to keep strands long and tangle free.
  6. After a few minutes (or when you think it’s clean), lift wig out of the water gently pressing out excess water (do not wring).
  7. Using running water, rinse the soap from the wig using cool water. Set aside once soapy residue has been removed.
  8. Empty and clean soap out of sink.
  9. Get a small amount of fabric softener and apply it to the palm of your hand. In your other hand take your wig and, in long strokes, coat the lengths of the wig with fabric softener.   Allow the lengths to be coated as they slide through your hand.  Set aside.
  10. Leave the fabric softener soon the wig for 3-5 minutes
  11. Rinse the fabric softener from the wig.
  12. Next, get a wide tooth comb.
  13. Comb your wig, starting at the ends and working your way up the lengths of the hair until you reach the roots and make long strokes from root to tip, ensuring you are always going in a downwards motion.  Continue until the wig is tangle free.  Be gentle and do not tug on the hair.  Comb into style.
  14. Allow wig to air dry, away from direct sunlight.  A wig stand works well while drying to keep the shape of the wig cap.
  15. Once dry, soak and brush to style.

N.B. Never use hot water as hot water will destroy the fibres.

How long will my Asymmetrical Bob Wig last?

Your wig can last up to 6 months if treated gently and well maintained.  Be sure to keep it tangle free and clean it not more than once per week.


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  • EUR: €46
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