I was helping at reception and a call come in ..

I have a wedding coming up and I want

my teeth whitened A.S.A.P.”

 she said.

 We spoke a little about the procedure and I booked her to come in.

 Five days later Anna showed up on time.

 A gorgeous Beautiful woman.

Why Bother Whitening Your Teeth?

In walks this very beautiful, thirties something woman. Long dark hair with blonde highlights that curled perfectly to her waist, a red and white dress, gorgeous heels and a nice bag. A real fashionista, you could see she was right on trend. I thought she might have been a model. She smiled as she approached the reception desk. I stood to shake her hand and welcome her to the practice. When she opened her mouth to return the greeting, I almost jumped back as she had really bad breath, not the kind you get when you don’t eat for a long period but the kind of bad breath where you know something is wrong. I’m not a doctor or a dentist but once you have smelled bad breath that is coming from a medical condition, you can identify it in a flash and you’ll do whatever you can to get away from that smell.

I tried to ignore the smell as I explained what she needed to do and for her to give me her insurance information.

She went and sat in the waiting area, looking very elegant as she filled out the forms and was thankfully, some distance away from me.
When she finished, I asked her to accompany me back to a treatment room for her exam. She looked anxious, as most patients do, and followed me down the hallway. I seated her in the dental chair and introduced her to the dentist. I then left so the dentist and his assistant could proceed.

A short time later, the dentist came to find me and brief me on her condition. Her mouth was horrendous and I had the task of telling her! Yay me. I fetched the patient and sat her in a consultation room. I then went over the dentists findings, trying to find the right words to tell her how serious it was. Her facial expression was anxious and alarmed. I asked her if she or someone she knew had ever noticed that she had bad breath ?(How could they not??). I went on to inform her that the reason is because she as an abscess, a serious infection in her tooth. I showed her photographs of decay and plaque build up on her teeth. She became dismissive, telling me that she just came in for whitening. WHAT??? Are you kidding me?

Hi, you maybe wondering who is this person talking about dentistry, my name is Lisa but in Quora and Reddit I am known as LisaLimited.  I have worked in many industries including fashion and e-retail and I was in dentistry for over 15 years. I have seen many patients over the years and they just want white, pretty teeth. BUT, let me tell you, if you are a pretty, beautiful woman, men will run away from you because of your breath but they won’t tell you why! Back to my story.

The worst thing is that, here is this beautiful woman with active dental disease and she is not willing to spend even $100 towards her health, but she is willing to spend $600 on whitening.
Now, many dental offices at this point, would get you to sign a waiver and do the whitening anyway. heck, it’s what the patient wants and it’s $600 towards this months sales target!

But why would you pay that money rather than taking care of yourself first?
Here is why you shouldn’t .
Your health is more important than whitening. Untreated infections in your mouth effect the whole body and in the extreme case, can even kill you.
Secondly, the biggest side effect of whitening is tooth sensitivity. When you have active decay in your mouth, the risk of sensitivity and pain is greatly increased.

Get your mouth healthy and then whiten. whitening makes your smile pop! It has the effect of brightening your whole face and taking years off your age. It is a safe and easy procedure.

I am not a dentist, physician or other licensed health care provider but I have seen dentistry from both sides and I want to share my expertise with the hope that it can help someone somewherCurrently, I am the co-founder and manager of redpopo.com, an online platform making and selling health and beauty products.  Having a team made up of diverse expertise, one of my missions is to educate people on a variety of subjects in videos, blogs and other mediums.  While I no longer work in the field of dentistry, it is my aim to educate as many people as possible.  Will you help me educate more people?   Please share this post, give a thumbs up or like and follow me on social media.

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