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Valentine’s Day. It’s everywhere, red hearts, red balloons and cupid holding his arrow. It can be seen on the street, in the stores, on the internet. Stories of grand gestures and undying sentiments of love. Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Lancelot and Guinevere.

The stakes are set, the expectations are high. And so comes the pressure. She is waiting for your declaration of love. As you sweat it out and do the math in your head… Gulp…..that will cost me how much? Take a breath big guy….girls don’t always want an expensive gift. Sometimes all it takes is a freshly picked flower and a hand written note. But do not break the cardinal rule and ignore the day. Nothing will make her feel that you don’t love her or you don’t care by pretending it’s an ordinary day.

So what to get her? Roses, while nice, are so predictable and double the normal price on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate? Delicious as they are, it’s boring and they are gone in a few days. Diamonds are a girls best friend but if you are not at that point in your relationship or you want a more budget friendly gift, then read on.

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Here are my Top 3 gifts, guaranteed not to break the bank but still have her gushing that she has the most wonderful man around.

1. A handbag. Feminine, elegant, beautiful and yet practical. A great bag has to look good and these ones fit the bill perfectly.

2. A bustier. A little something she may not buy for herself but it will make her feel sexy and
desirable, and you get the benefit of seeing her in it. Win-win!

Valentine’s Day      
3. Personal Care package. Brushes and combs to help achieve that gorgeous look. Overtime she combs her hair she will think of you!

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And ladies, if he doesn’t step up, you can always get these items for yourself!

Although it’s nice to get gifts, you don’t need a man to buy them!

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