Clip-in Hair Extensions, The Secret to Beautiful Hair

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There are many types of hair extensions in the market today, but the clip-in hair extensions stand unreplaced. These strong and efficient clip-in human hair extensions are made from the finest quality Remy hair to give you naturally beautiful hair with minimal damage. Our Remy hair is made from the finest quality of human hair. REDPOPO.COM  carefully preserve the cuticle of the human hair and precisely align the strands in one direction to create the perfect, sleek and beautiful, natural look that you so desire. The extensions are prefixed with a specific number of clips. These may be five, three or two, depending on how broad you want your extension to be. The clips are then adjusted in your hair to give you naturally buoyant locks that draw attention wherever you go.


Clip-in Hair Extensions, Secret to Easy Simple Quick Beautiful Hair

Many women choose this type of hair lengthening technique to enhance their hair game. Due to the extreme ease of application, you can easily put them on for an occasion or for the weekend, as you please. The extensions immediately work to magnify your volume and provide excellent coverage. What’s more, you can use the Remy clip in hair extensions to make intricate hairstyles for your night out as you desire. Not only this, we at offer a range of quality extensions in a number of colors to choose from. Besides the usual color scheme, including the brunette and the blonde clip in hair extensions, we also have ombre hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions have always been in demand and no doubt when they offer you security and beautiful hair at the same time, anyone would want to use them to their benefit. The great thing that these extensions are available for a number of hair types also, clip in curly hair extensions, clip-in straight hair extensions and much more to suit every hair need perfectly.

How to apply the Remy Clip in hair extensions



How to apply Clip In Hair Extensions ?

The application procedure is simple and straight forward which makes using these extensions so much easier. What’s more, the extensions work for varied lengths. There are even hair extensions, clip in for short hair, clip in hair extensions for African American hair and many other types. You may think it’s hard to apply these extensions, but in reality, it is very easy. All you have to do is follow our step by step guide, and your extensions will be up in no time.

Step 1
Part your hair in the horizontal between the tips of the ears. Secure the upper section to allow for easy application in the lower one.
Step 2
Start making a section of hair about an inch from the hairline. Make the appropriate number of sections for the number of clips.
Step 3
Separate the sections and put in small elastics that help the extensions stay put.
Step 4
Start by attaching the middle clip to the middle section, slightly below the roots to allow for a better fit. Attaching the middle clip first will help stabilize the hair extension and help in fitting it perfectly.
Step 5
Attach the clips to the consecutive sections on the right and left as well. Cover them with your hair and give it a flick. You are good to go!

How to apply check this video :

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