You want to make a statement with you teeth? Yeah,

so did one of my former patients. I remember the day

I was called into a treatment room where, lets call her

Sarah, was finishing her dental cleaning. Sarah, at the

time, was a 16 year old aspiring rock star. She sang and

played drums.





She had a great look for it, long blonde hair, bright green eyes

and great fashion sense with her ripped jeans and vintage rock

t-shirts. She had made her first appearance on eTalk two nights

before and she was the talk of the town.So now she wanted to up

her street cred. She had seen the grills on Rhianna, Miley Cyrus

and Beyonce and thought that would be a great look for her.

Now, being a 16 year old, I had to get her parents

involved. And let me tell you, even though they were

excited about her budding music career, they weren’t

so excited about the grill.  Sarah had some crooked

teeth and her parents wanted to see her with a

beautiful straight smile.

Her mom had ensured that she came to the dentist

every six months for the past 12 years, so her mouth

was healthy but, until now, Sarah did not want braces

to fix her crooked teeth. I took a different approach

and showed her pictures of her favourite celebrities

including Avril Lavigne and her beautiful smile.

I also showed her a picture of Katy Perry with her

straight teeth and a small grill over them. Once she

saw that, that was what she wanted, straight pretty

teeth that would showcase her grill.

To get her there, we needed to take care of the small

cavities that were just found at her cleaning appointment

. Once they were completed and we knew her mouth was

healthy and strong, we started the necessary process to get

her braces on. Orthodontic treatment would create the great

foundation of straightened teeth so she would be able to get her grill.

A year later, as we were getting ready to take her braces off,

we needed to talk about the grill. There are two types of grill,

one that is removable that you can take in and out as you please,

and the other is cemented to your teeth and is permanent. Sarah

was going to get a removable grill that she could swap in and out

with her retainer to make sure she kept her beautiful smile.

Why Men Love a Woman Who Wears a Grill
The next decision is the grill design. How may teeth do you

want it to fit over, do you want one for your upper or lower

teeth or do you want both upper and lower? Do you want

full tooth coverage or an outline or a simple design?

Do you want to add diamonds or stones? Do you want

gold or silver or platinum?

Sarah opted for a lower grill that spanned 6 teeth, to give

the same support as her dental retainer. She chose a simple

gold design with a couple of small diamonds to accent it.
We had to take dental moulds for the grill and her retainer

to be made which were then sent to the lab for fabrication

which took about 10 days
Two weeks later, Sarah came to the clinic to have her braces

removed and the grill and retainers fitted. They looked awesome!

She now had pretty straight teeth with her new grill.

Mom was happy because she had been able to give her

daughter the smile she wanted and Sarah was ecstatic to

finally get what she had been dreaming about!
Today, Sarah’s music career is taking off and so is her

love life.

Guys seem to adore the beautiful rock chick with the bad girl vibe.

A grill needs healthy teeth to support it. So girls, if you want to rock

a grill here are the 5 things you must do!
1.  Get your mouth heathy. That includes brushing and flossing twice

a day. Go to the dentist and have your teeth professionally cleaned and

have an exam by the dentist.

2.  Complete any dental work that needs to be done.

This includes filings, root canals, gum treatment, crowns.

Whatever needs to be done to keep your teeth strong.
3.  Know what you want. Choose your design carefully.

Unless you have the wallet of a celebrity, most people

can’t afford to have a draw full of these. One grill will

cost you anywhere between USD$1500 to $30,000,

depending on the amount of gold (silver, platinum)

and diamonds involved.


4.  Choose a good dentist. A dentist is trained on

how to fit dental devices, they have access to the best

tools and materials and most dentists guarantee their

work. There are DIY kits out there that won’t give you a

custom fit and could endanger your teeth, causing them to

chip and break.
5.  Be prepared to follow the dentist’s instructions on how

to care for your teeth and your grill. Proper cleaning and

maintenance are important to the health of your teeth and the grill!

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