Weft Weave Hair Extensions, The Most Versatile Extensions

Flawless hair is an adored vanity that everyone wishes to own. Pretty locks bouncing about your face and add volume to your overall look and take your style up several folds. Your natural hair is beautiful, but to make them even more flawless, adding some support is a must. This is why many women are choosing weft human hair extensions as a solution to their daily hair problems.

These extensions can be glued in, sewn in, clipped in or weaved in your hair, which makes it more versatile than any other average hair extension. Also, as the extensions are attached with such intimacy to your natural hair, they give a flawless look instantly. Many women wonder about the weft hair extensions pros and cons, as an answer, you can try out the extensions for yourself. These extremely long lasting, natural looking hair extensions without the risk of falling out or displacements. Also, as they are sewn in your hair and use natural, nontoxic adhesives, the Remy weft hair extensions pose minimal damage to your own hair, giving you style and protection at the same time.

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Many women prefer these Remy weft hair extensions as they offer you a choice in the application. There is no limitation, choose the method that suits you best. Also, the attachment is a one-time process with results that last to up to 6-8 months. Looking at the weft hair extension reviews, many women have stressed on the convenience of this hair accessory and how becoming the final looks really is.

Some have even gone to emphasize the difference by taking weft extensions before and after photos which show marked changes in length and volume. The best part is, these weave hair extensions are provided in a number of colors and styles.  Redpopo.com offers you Remy hair extensions weft in blonde, brunette, black and even ombre. We strive to deliver excellence and variety which is why we also have a number of types of types to suit different hair. These include curly extensions, straight and sleek hair, and wavy types to give your hair a glorious makeover for any event or outing, any day!

Weft Weave Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions, how to apply?

You can use a number of methods to apply these diverse hair extensions. It depends on you to choose the best method of application for you. Here we describe each method for your convenience so that you can easily revamp your hair to achieve the intricate hair styles and on point hair that you always dreamed of.

Sew in

To do this, you will need to braid the extension with a needle and thread. The extension is then sewed onto your hair with a braid. We usually recommend a stylist do this for you as the tightness of the braids is a very important factor. This can make your head hurt or feel like nothing at all. So, the right application is necessary for comfortable extensions.

Weave in

This is similar to the already mentioned sew-in method, but this time a net is sewn over the braids. These are preferred over the simple sew-in method because the net releases tension and prevents hair from expansion after a shampoo. The method is best for thin hair, as thicker strands get harder to care for with a net covering them.

Glue in

This method is preferred by those who don’t like the idea of having their hair braided up constantly. To attach the hair extensions by this method, you will have to part your hair horizontally at the level of your ears. The extension is then placed in place and attached with Special adhesive to the lower section. Take care to attach the extension a little below the roots to allow for free movement of hair and styling.


The weft hair extension reviews favor this method of application the most. This is because it seems to last the longest, however, it is also the most expensive. Using this method, a stylist attaches the wefts to your hair strand by strand, using special wax. The extensions last for up to 6 months and give the most natural look of them all.

Clip in

The clip in weft can be made by attaching the specific clips to the weft at the base of the extension. Clip in as any average extension. Simply part your hair at the level of the ears and section the lower part to attach the clips. This is a great way to apply the weft extensions, especially if you are in a hurry.