3 Reasons Men Resist Celebrating Valentine’s Day

February 14th. Valentine’s Day. A day that we celebrate love.

Well, it all started around 2,000 years ago, with the Christian church holding a feast day to honor Saint Valentine. Throughout the centuries, many stories have been attributed to February 14th, most involving a Saint Valentine and acts of love and romance. But it wasn’t until the 1400’s when Chaucer wrote of courtly love, where traditions started with expressing our love through the giving of gifts, flowers and notes or poems.


Expressing our love is a good thing, we make our loved ones feel special by letting them know what they mean to us. But why do some people resist celebrating on February 14th? In my opinion, there are 3 main reasons.


1. Financial Pressure. The thought that we must spend a certain amount of money when we have the mortgage, the car payment, the electricity bill etc to pay. Where do we find the extra money for Valentine’s gifts.
2. Social pressure. Your loved one has high expectations and so does her friends, your friends, work colleagues, mom, dad, her mom and dad. How do I satisfy everyone and why should I have to?
3. Fear. How do I choose the right gift so it ends the right message? Too expensive, too cheap, too sexy, too much in the ‘friend zone’, too intimate, too……help! How can I get it right?



There are many reasons that people choose not to participate on February 14th but, like it or not, Valentines Day is here to stay. My advice is keep it simple.  For gift idea’s that will wow her but won’t break the bank, see my next blog

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