The 2 things i DON’T like about ThanksGiving

and the 2 things I LIKE about.

A- The two things i don’t Like about ThanksGiving Day.

1- If you don’t have a family around,You feel isolated from even people you work together every day, as they are busy with their close family members.
With our modern lifestyle with family posted around the world, even those with a lot of family members are feeling isolated these days.


2- Just before our new resolution of losing weight in the new year coming in few days, ThanksGiving makes us fail before we even start working to melt the sheet out of our body.
We eat and drink too much in just one day of ThanksGiving and we add a minimum of 3 pounds. Now reducing 3 pounds from January 2017 is like


going back to finish the workload of 2016.
For those with a body that could melt fatty material easily, they may need 2 Months to reduce 3 pounds. Some of us will need more than 4 Months. With No result coming quickly in the gym during the Month of January we started our resolution, we often give up before even starting melting the 3 pounds taken on ThanksGiving day.


B- The two Things I like about ThanksGiving Day.

1- It arouses the family emotion you can never buy in a shop or Mall. It gives you the feeling of belonging in something special.
As you are all sitting in a living room,having a conversation, your childhood memory,your little names people don’t know about would appear.

IS A GREAT FEELING WE ALL NEED. see pic above and the feeling .


2- ThanksGiving offers us a day of rest, at least a day we could decide to be lazy on the bed or not to be. More More and more importantly A DAY whereby BUSY COUPLE COULD DO SEX IN THE MORNING.